What is blogging? I asked myself a few weeks ago when the facility was added to our website. 
Having taken on the challenge, and being a believer in 'if it is worth doing, it's worth doing well' I have searched the internet and read a couple of blogging books for help! 
Points that I have noted are:- 
Weekly or fortnightly blogging is fine 
A blog should be about 1000 words 
Stop thinking like a salesman 
Quality over quantity 
Implement a routine publishing schedule 
A current topic or industry trend is a great way to bring more traffic to your site 
Blogging as its most basic level is the keeping of an online journal 
A writer and programmer named Dave Winer created the first 'web log' 
Decide what you are going to write about 
I am sure I could read a couple more books that would disagree with some of the points that I have listed, as may a few of you who are reading this. I have therefore decided that the most important part is to enjoy blogging. 
Over the coming weeks, months and years, I shall be blogging mainly about subjects related to the life of a signmaker. Although, there will be a little bit of writing about a current topic or new product reviews. Having seen that Toblerone has launched a new ice cream bar, I may have to give them a try and review! 
I hope that you have made it to the end, and thank you for reading. Until the next time. 
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