Etch window effect film can be used to great effect both as an advertising tool, design element and legal 
Health and Safety requirement. We can produce and fit etch effect film as a privacy measure which allows 
considerably more light penetration than window fills or to simply add some fun and interest to  
what can be acres of boring glass! 
Window etching film (or glass manifestation which is the technical term) is also an excellent way off ensuring that your business is complient with current Health & Safety legislation. 
The legislation is quite specific of what is required to be compliant with current regulations. 
If you have full height glass in doors, windows or office partitions they must have the correct markings in the form 
of glass manifestations at heights of both 1500mm and 800mm ( adult and child height) to increase visability 
and reduce the potential for human impact. 
The responsibility for this lies not just with the building owner, but also the occupier and failing to meet Health and  
Safety requirements can result in severe penalties as well as invalidating your insurance cover. 
East Yorkshire Signs and Graphics can ensure that not only do you satisfy the required legislation but that it is achievied in 
a cost effective and stylish manner. We use both etch effect and solid vinyl overlays produced in any design including 
company logos to achieve this. 
All design work and visuals are free of charge 
Don't delay, contact us today! 
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